minarelli engine trouble

okay so i have been riding around on this minarelli for the last few days, its been running fine, doing about 30, plugs a little dark but not fouling type dark

today i was riding around and suddenly the bike quit moving, it was still on but it wouldnt move anymore, i didnt come to a complete stop like a sieze or anything, i just slowly rolled to a stop,

it sounds like its reving really high, yet i can throttle it and hear it rev a little higher, the sprocket doesnt seem to be engaging, its not turning at all, and when i go to start it again, i have to pedal start it, it doesnt seem to catch when i try and push start it, yet i can get on it and pedal and it fires right up,

i am pretty stumped, i just changed the transmission fluid on saturday, but when i checked the check hole on the gearbox nothing came out, could i have not put enough oil in there and burned up the clutch? i thought i put in a pint of 30 wieght non detergent

if i do need to replace the clutch, as thats about the only thing i can think it would be, i am going to have to get the minarelli clutch puller right? i am kind of nervous about doing that

anyways, any help would be great, i really dont know what it could be at this point, so i ll go home and check the compression, and if that seems fine, i ll probably open up the clutch side and take a look

Re: minarelli engine trouble

It sounds like a clutch problem brett, drain the oil again and look for metalic shavings mixed in the oil, how many miles on the bike?

If you need to inspect or replace the clutch, remove the cover, you can take the clutch off without that special tool, just use two of the clutch case cover screws in the closest to the center holes of the clutch drum, wedge them so it won't turn, then remove the nut with a 13mm socket.

Re: minarelli engine trouble

see the problem with this bike and all the minarelli powered bikes i have is that none of them came with damn speedos, so i dont even have a close idea of how many miles are on the bike, this engine, no less than a thousand i would say judging by the look of the rest of the bike, but probably not more than 3 or 4,

i ll try and pull the clutch like that then,

Re: minarelli engine trouble

checked compression, a little less than 120

i drained the fluid, looked fine, a little dirty for being only a few days old, but there doesnt seem to be any metal shavings, should i drain it on to a rag or towel to see if i can filter something out, maybe use a coffee filter

i opened up the clutch side, removed the plate and ring and spring, when i turn the magneto it moves the clutch, and the drum moves a little also, the clutch definately doesnt want to move, i can lock up the clutch with a bolt and it wont budge

so i am guessing then that its nothing inside the transmission or crankcase, but maybe a problem inside the clutch and the drum, i ll make a clutch puller tomorrow,

the drive side sprocket doesnt want to turn though, whenever i turn the clutch it wont turn, but if i manually turn the sprocket, then the clutch drum and the sprocket next to it turn

any other suggestions, its about midnight and i have class in 8 hours

Re: minarelli engine trouble

pull the clutch hub, maybe one of the springs broke or came off, or clutch material is worn out.

Re: minarelli engine trouble

yeah i am hoping that i ll pull the clutch and it will be pretty obvious whats wrong inside, i am also hoping its nothing inside the crankcase, as that would take a lot more work and time, but it seems like everything is fine and turnable

its just wierd because i rolled to a stop, i didnt hear any snapping sound or metal on metal mashing, and the non detergent looked failry metal free,

and if the clutch is worn out, wouldnt that gradually happen over time, and not just go out all of the sudden?

who knows, sometimes mopeds totally frusterate me, after being locked inside all winter i havent had a solid week of problem free riding on any of my bikes and i am going nuts, and running out of bikes to ride while i get the others fixed

worn out point, air leaks, worn rings, low compression, all sorts of problems

Re: minarelli engine trouble

you'll know when you pull the hub...

don't worry, next week will be better, just keep repeating...

it's only a machine,

it's only a machine,

take a deep breath and release a long, slow hummmmm.

then go have 10 beers.

Re: minarelli engine trouble

Brett: I am playing with a Minarelli V1 right now. It is my first experience with one of these.

It seems to me that when you pull the starting lever a clutch of one kind or another engages the pedals to the engine.

Once the engine is running, there is a separate centrifugal clutch that when the engine is revved up engages and drives the chain.

It would seem to me that your centrifugal clutch has gone bad.

Re: minarelli engine trouble

It is a centrifugal clutch, there are two clutch shoes affixed by small springs, if a spring fails or disconnects>>>trouble.

Re: minarelli engine trouble

yeah i figure its gotta be in the clutch, because everything else turns fine and looks fine, i am hoping i ll open the clutch, see an obvious problem, and replace it with a new clutch

i havent had time to get back to work, i have finals right now, and then last night the brakes went out on my car, i drove home with the e brake

friday at noon i am done with school for the summer, i will start drinking beer and working on mopeds at 12:01

Re: minarelli engine trouble

i broke a spring once and another time I spun the clutch off of the shaft. you really need to make both minarelli tools. I will take a picture of the ones I made. its really easy

Re: minarelli engine trouble

man that would be sweet for the pictures of your tools justin,

i am pretty sure i ll be able to get a little piece of steel and drill three holes across it, tap the middle one and then thread the clutch case cover bolt through the outer holes and into the clutch, then i ll tighten the middle bolt through the threaded hole pushing against the shaft and popping off the clutch,

what was the other tool you would need? i havent needed any tools so far, and it seems like i would just need the clutch removing one

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