Peugeot slow

Clayton Violand /

It feels like my clutch is slipping on my Peugeot 103sp. The moped runs fine, then starts slipping at high RPMs. Eventually, it will hardly even catch. But if I let off the gas for a little bit, and let the engine RPMs settle down, it will catch again- but soon start slipping again. When the moped is not hot yet- it runs fine. It seems only when the engine gets hot the clutch starts slipping. Do I need new pads? They might be worn down?


Re: Peugeot slow

I think you may be confusing slipping with 4-stroking, but I could be mistaken. if it's 4-stroking, open the airbox a little and it will usually help quite a bit. don-ohio

Re: Peugeot slow

put a chinese 80cc carb on it.

It sounds like its just worn out or neds to be retourqued.

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