cleaning and repairing chain

main drive chain is off, and rusted, what should i soak it in to clean it? i also need to replace the master link clip. where can i find one of these?

Re: cleaning and repairing chain

If it's not too rusted, soak it in kerosene overnight, then scrub it with a wire brush.

If it binds and isn't flexible (beyond cleaning), just take to any bike/mc shop and get a new one, (and a master link).

keep it lubed.

Re: cleaning and repairing chain

kool and the gang jimmy.

I'll soak it tonight, then pick up a master link from my local mc shop.

Re: cleaning and repairing chain

Two days ago I soaked my chain in Gasoline.

Then I used steel wool to clean off the rust.

Now today I am going to use a rotary tool with wire brush attachment to grind off the rest of the rust.

Why use Kerosene instead of gas?

These aren't O-ring chains.

Re: cleaning and repairing chain

"Why use Kerosene instead of gas?"

K1 has penetrating properties, and much safer.

try it next time and see for yourself.

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