crankcase oil leak?

Is it normal for there to be a layer of oil on top of the piston? My ped wouldn't start, so I checked spark- big blue spark, took the carburetor apart and cleaned it again, made sure the float was working correctly, no gas leak, jets clear, air filter great, etc. It still won't start, although it sounds great and like it is just about to start and I even got it to cough just once, but that is all the luck I've had all day. The cylinder head is covered in a thin layer of transparant-ish light brown oil, which gets thicker the more I try to kickstart it. I took the carb off and kicked the engine over a bunch, but the oil did not go away, and the cylinder started to smoke a little bit, so I stopped.

I don't know if transmission oil is leaking into the crankcase or if there is supposed to be a little bit of oil on top, and I really don't want to take off the bottom head unless I know what I'm looking for, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.



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