CEV Headlight Wiring

Alright, i have a cimatti city bike with a CEV headlight.

Coming from the mass of wires from the magneto, there are 2 blue wires w/black stripes on them, and there is a purple wire with a female adaptor on the end of it. There are also several wires permanently attached to the light.

Coming from the headlight, there is one red wire with a female adaptor on it.

Then, coming from the speedo, there is a grey wire with a wire connecting block on it.

Inside the light fixture, there is a switch with 2 male ends coming out of it.

So; what is the switch for? Where do the red and purple wires go? Where do the blue wires go? What does the grey wire connect to?

Re: CEV Headlight Wiring


my snark has CEV stuff

i'll give it a look and see if anything helpful comes to mind...

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