Motobecane problem

Hi, I just received a non-running Motobecane moped for free and then I tested it by kicking it over and realized it had no spark. That's pretty typical for a moped thats been sitting for a long period of time, and I know I should replace the points and condenser on it. but I don't know how to get the magneto (not the coil; the thing that spins around the magnets which makes the spark) off! I can't see any type of bolt or anything to be able to loosen it and take it off. There is only a little hole in the center of it but I don't know what I would do with it too loosen the magneto. I have no previous knowledge of Motobecanes and have never own or work on one before. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. THanks

Re: Motobecane problem

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