my new a3n needs alittle help

ok i attached a pic so you guys can follow me, so im putting and a3 on 1996 tomos targa, and theirs like this little black bok like thing (i think its the ignition box) well i was wondering if i can take that off and just use the little green box thats on my 1996 targa, Next on my a35 engine theirs like a litlle silver toob that moves the carb in more of a reechable area, can i use that little silve tube on this enginne because if i cant i have no idea what ill do because im using and a35 carb and i wont know how to connect them.

any help apreciated, dan

Re: my new a3n needs alittle help



help please

Re: help

if the little black box has a wire that goes to your sparkplug then you need it.its your ignition coil.the silver tube is your intake.the only way to see if it works is to try it and see if it bolts up.

Re: help

well i still have the ignition box hooked up on my 1996 can i just use that?

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