Seal Beam Honda PA50

We finally found a rectifier for our Honda moped and now we can't find a Seal beam, 6 volt 15 watt, for a 1982 Honda PA50, if we can't find one is there any way of getting around this. Thank You


Re: Seal Beam Honda PA50

Hi again Arlene:

I bought mine on ebay for about $20.00, but the box that it came in was marked "K&L Supply Co." P/N 23-8104


This unit has a removable lightbulb. I believe that he guy I bought it from bought a 15w/15w bulb and change it out before I picked it up.

If you need anything else, send me an email.

Re: Seal Beam Honda PA50

Check out I'll bet they have it.

Good Luck,

The Pedhead

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