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I have myself a mid 90's kinetic tfr that is having a few engine problems and I am hoping someone will help me out.

Admittedly, the moped has not been run regularly over the last couple of years. It has been started and ridden around the block about once every couple of months. Unfortunately, the last few attempts have not produced the greatest results.

I can get it started and it seems to run fine for a minute or two (just long enough for me to get a decent ways from my home...). Then, without warning, the engine acts like it is very flooded and the engine shuts down almost instantly (not a freeze, it just stops firing). Now here is the weird part, I can get it re-started, but only with the choke engaged. The engine will continue to run very poorly with the choke engaged, but as soon as I open the throttle and disengage the choke, the engine cuts out again as if it was very flooded.

So far I have replaced the plug, made sure the gas vent thingy is not clogged and cleaned the carb - but no luck.

Any ideas?



Re: Kinteis TFR engine help

Have you cleaned the airfilter? Check the exhaust and the exhaust port on the engine for deposits as well.

Re: Kinteis TFR engine help

Clean the idle jet on the carb (see pic in this link)

Also check your brake light bulb to make sure it is not burned out.

Re: Kinteis TFR engine help

Double check that the fuel tank cap vent is not plugged. Run the bike and when it starts to bog down, take the filler cap off.

If this cures the problem you will know what you have to do.

It is possible that the in-tank fuel filter is clogged. It lets a little thru at a time until the float bowl is filled but when you run it the flow is not enough to keep up with the demand.

Re: Kinteis TFR engine help

Moped has roared to life! Thanks for all of the advice. I went to clean out the idle jet again as zippy recommended and I noticed that the passage from the fuel line to the bowl (where the petrol stop needle is located) had become partially clogged not allowing the bowl to fill fast enough. After clearing the passage, the bike runs great.

Thanks again.

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