batavus regency HS

Help, my moped is out of commission. I couldn't get it to start and if it would fire, it wouldn't run long before giving up the ghost . . . almost like it wasn't getting enough gas. My linew were clear and the tank was half full. When my husband tried to fix it for me, he killed it. I think he stripped the clutch.

A repair manual would come in real handy right about now. Or the name of someone in my area who would have enough knowledge of mopeds to help me.

I'd appreciate any help I could get.

Re: batavus regency HS

i would remove the spark plug and give a visuel inspection and see if its fouled (loaded w/ oil and cant spark, is it wet, does it smell like fuel? -tim

Re: batavus regency HS

Don Pflueger /

there is a manual online at in the moped repair section for your engine. its the only batavus manual available but it covers the m48 and the m56 engines. and thats what yours has.

fuel flow on these bikes is just a gravity feed system. clean everything from the gas cap vent all the way down thru the carb. also clean out the exhaust and the exhaust piort. install a new spark plug and clean the points and she should run like new.

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