moped stalling after driving

my 1982 eagle 2 will ride for a while then the motor comes to a real low growl and if you hit the gas more it will stall what do i do i just put a new plug in

Re: moped stalling after driving

sounds like it might be "four stroking"

try making sure your air filter is clean.

Re: moped stalling after driving

Don Pflueger /

clean your gas cap vent

Re: moped stalling after driving

Michael Vogt /

That is the same problem that i had with my moped.

you can try to leave the gas cap a little loose and see if that helps(You my have a airlock in your gastank)-and if this does not work you can take your sparkplug and clean it or replace it but make sure that it is gaped right-and if that does not work you can try to regap the points and make sure that you clean the points VERY GOOD.

I did all of that to my moped and now it works great.

And a big thanks to all of the good people who told me how to fix my moped.

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