athena kit probs for tomos

hey, so geres the problem. i got the kit, it seemed real sweet, everything went together really nice, but one big difference. On the old kit, there was a hose that connected from the left side of the engine, has a small bolt with a hole in it (oil?) and it screwed into the pipe on between the carburator and the engine head. So im not sure,i bought it off ebay and i dont have a manual for either the bike and athena doesnt send you directions, so could someone please tell me if this is an oil line, because i think it is, and also, surly athena would take this into consideration. if anyone has an athena kit, or knows anything, or just wants to tell me im screwed, please let me know, i just spent like 300 bucks for a moped that i can now walk faster than

thanks alot everyone


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