color of ND oil

what color should SAE30 non detergent oil be? I drained the 24 year old oil from my garelli's transmission, and it looks quite a bit like batter. now i bought a quart of sae30 shell motor oil and it's a sort of amber color. Did i get the wrong product?

Re: color of ND oil

most oil is amber colored now-a-days. if I were you I'd use a mobile synthetic oil for higher milaged engines. It has more stabilizers in it that'll do an old engine well.

Re: color of ND oil

John Joedicke /

Also will leak out easier in an old engine that has never used it before. Your old oil must have got water in at some time. I would want to know what the bottom end of the motor loks like. RUST on the bearing surfaces etc.

Re: color of ND oil

well, i'll be overhauling the entire engine of my 76 eureka flex, so i'll be sure to take pics of everything. i'll pop that one up here for ya.

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