Wiring the Minarelli

Ok, I've got the schematic from Mopedriders.org for the Minarelli V1 engine. What I want to do is just try to get the engine to run.....I'm not worried about lights just yet. The wiring is basically all cut up anyway. I know I need a toggle (will use as a kill switch). Anyway, my question is basically, which wire runs to the high tension (external) coil from the magneto. The schematic shows the blue wire running through the primary (internal) coil to the points and one end of the points goes to ground.......the red wire goes to the capacitor (condensor) and to the grounded side of the points......so can anyone tell me which wire to put where??

Re: Wiring the Minarelli

My Minarelli shows the 2 red wires come off the blue out of the magneto and one goes to the coil and I'm guessing the other may go to the kill switch. The yellow from the mag becomes 2 blaCK WIRES and the green stays green. don-ohio

Re: Wiring the Minarelli

Okay.....I'm looking at a scematic for a Sebring now. The red wires are as I said,to the coil and to the kill switch. The black goes to the horn and off the same terminal back to the light switch.The green wire becomes two and one goes to the brake light and the other goes to the brake light switch.Hope this helps? don-ohio

Re: Wiring the Minarelli

Douglas Dale /

Ok......this moped is an Alexander Reynolds "Easy Ryder".....I only see 2 wires coming from the magneto....one looks reddish brown, the other appears to be black....the schematic shows 3 wires, with black being for teh lighting circuit...I haven't pulled the flywheel yet as I haven't found the right size puller yet....I had an air conditioning clutch puller for a Nippondenso compressor but it's just a hair to big to thread into the flywheel........any ideas on these 2 wires that I can see ?????????

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