81 Express - Can I turn this?

Hi all.

On top of the carb next to the throttle cable there is a black plastic connection which leads to the automatic choke (I think)

Can I turn this? I tried gently, and felt like I would break it if I forced..


Re: 81 Express - Can I turn this?

There should be a big one and a small one - one pulls out the choke, and the other pulls out the slide cable. You're a-ok pulling out either one of them - just don't lose anything!

Re: 81 Express - Can I turn this?

Jonas Quimby /

the '81 Express uses the later style carb which has a fixed (I think) choke connector in place of the choke slider of the earlier bikes. I wouldnt go pulling on it unless you had to, it's ment to seal.

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