help with tomos carb

when i took off the carb top the sliding plate popped off and now when i try to put the cable back on the sliding plate the spring makes it pop off.

how do i asseble the whole top of my carb

its a dellorto 14/12 p for tomos a35

Re: help with tomos carb

Don Pflueger /

thats the hardest part. make sure the wire is not going thru the spring, and just guide everything in at once making sure the little lever or tab thing ends up in the right position so that it will catch and release the choke lever as needed. the first time doing this is a real pain. it gets easier tho.

help with tomos carb

See if this helps:

Zippy posted this quite a while ago.

Re: help with tomos carb

alright ill see if this works

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