Yamaha QT50 - Turn light / oil

The turn lights on my yamaha QT50 do not blink, they just remain solid when I turn them on. Would anyone know why they don't blink?

What type of oil should I put into the transmision, and what type of oil should I put into the engine (next to the gas tank)? Also, how full should the two oil tanks be?

Thanks for your time.


Re: Yamaha QT50 - Turn light / oil

Kyle Guerrette /

For the turn signal problem, does this happen at idle and full throttle? If so, You might need a new flasher relay, this is located behind that plastic rectangle in the front of the forks and can be purchased at any yanaha retailer or compromised with another other than the origional with maching specs though. If this only happens at low speeds, you might need a new battery because the bike can't power the ignition, head and taillight at idle, if the batterys fine, suspect the charging system, it might be bad or weak.

Oil type, my manual says for 2 stroke, any yamalube, 0.8 qts of it.

For engine case oil: I like to use synthetic 10w30, start off by putting in a quart of it, and check with your pinky finger evry quarter of a quart after, if you feel it, your good to go.

Re: Yamaha QT50 - Turn light / oil

If you dont have a battery, this will happen. the coil cant put out enoutgh juice to power all the accesories.

Re: Yamaha QT50 - Turn light / oil

Jay - i think you better get over to this page


download the PDF manauls for the QT50 and spend some time getting to know your Yamahopper.

As for the transmission, that PDF manual say .32 qt , that's 1/3 of one quart. Don't start by pouring a whole quart in there, of course you'll overflow the whole thing long before you get a whole quart in there.

Go get the manuals - read them - you're lucky to have them available free.

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