Need help with exhaust upgrade

Hi I just bought a 96 tomos targa and I was looking into buying a performance exhaust to try and get it in the 40mph range. I just bought a carb off of here with a 56 jet will this work with a performance exhaust. Also I've heard mixed reviews about bi turbo's and another exhaust called Tecno Estoril Exhaust which one is better? I'm looking for something thats half way quiet and just want something that will help make my ped go a lil faster.



Re: Need help with exhaust upgrade

John Joedicke /

Well it isn't going to be quiter. I would look at the Techno next pipe it has a beeter finnish all over than the Estoril. You will probably need to go higher with the jet but plug chops are your answer. 64 would be a good spot to start.

Re: Need help with exhaust upgrade

Louie Armstrong /

The Tecno line is a nice collection of pipes. Good overall, with a nice tone. Good power range overall.

The Biturbo is as liked as it is hated. It has a nice sound, but it takes away from your low end. However, top speed is increased by more than most pipes.

I say go with the Estoril.


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