Biturbo problem, please help

ok i just attached this biturbo onto my exhaust port this morning and everything was tight and secure. I start the engine and my god you've never heard anything so loud, my ears were hurting even with my full face helmet on. Even at idle it was still much louder than my maxi with the stock exhaust at full throttle. The spark plug was whiter than usual instead of the soft brown colour and was burning hot after only about 8 seconds of operation. It's not my oil-fuel ratio because i used the same gas with my stock exhaust and it was a very nice brown colour. The cyclinder head itself was quite cold to the touch (very strange as if i didn't even turn it on...) and the exhaust pipe was so hot it burnt my finger when i touched it. There is also a hard knock from my piston that was never there before, it happens every 3 seconds on idle and disappears when i rev the engine. My question is: what could cause these conditions to occur when all you've done is switch exhaust pipes?

Re: Biturbo problem, please help

Don Pflueger /

you do need to upjet your carb.

Re: Biturbo problem, please help

up jetting is mandatory but did you replace the gasket?

if the old gasket is really worn, or if you did replace the gasket but the seal isnt tight air could be leaking in, which would explain why its so loud,

i ve expercienced loud performance pipes and baffel-less exhuasts before but nothing that hurt my ears

Re: Biturbo problem, please help

I did not replace the gasket, the old was is finished so I will replace it immediately. The jet has already been replaced from a slightly lean #58 to a slightly rich #64, I assumed the biturbo would balance out with the 64 jet i guess i was wrong. I know I should plug chop to see the results and all but I am on a limited budget and can't go buying a whole range to test on. Not only that but I get a little sensitive when it comes to the carb, i'm a fairly clumsy guy and tinkering with the carb is a task i'm hoping to avoid (fat fingers). But if I must I guess I must, so I think a #68-#74 should do it? what do you think?

Re: Biturbo problem, please help

well i ran a 64 in my stock bike, but every set up is different

your probably headed in the right direction though i couldnt imagine it being any higher than a 74, i have a 74 with a performance pipe on now and it seems to be a bit heavy, listen to how your bike sounds also, a well tuned bike will have a cleaner higher pitched sound than a bike thats starving for fuel or is being bogged out with to much fuel

dont worry about the carb, all you really need to do is unscrew the bowl to switxh out the jet, a lot of people seem to hassle with taking apart the piston and choke and all that but i dont find that really necessary unless i am cleaning the carb real well

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