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I found a 82 Urban Express Deluxe (electric start) has 6,000 miles and needs a new ignition to run ( it was stolen and recovered ) I was told it ran great before being stolen and it has sat all winter do you think this is worth buying? how hard is a new ignition to install and how many miles do you get out of there engines?

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The question of whether it is worth buying depends on how much the asking price is and how capable you are in fixing things.

If you can't fix it and you have to take it to a Honda shop for a $300-$400 repair then it is not worth it no matter how cheap it is.

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well price is unknown right now, its on ebay. I can do basic repairs, never done electrical just wondering how easy replacing an ignition is. thanks - Joe

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Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

I make it a point to never buy anything meant to run that does not run unless it is so cheap I can junk it and get my money back. There are so many things that can be hidden. Jim.

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Jonas Quimby /

The Urban Express is quite easy to work on. You'll need to clean out the carb and possibly replace the drive belt before it'll run, but otherwise you shouldnt have too much trouble.

6000 miles is a little on the high side for an Express/Urban Express, but I've seen them a lot higher too. The rings, cylinder and such may be getting rather worn out, but the rest of the engine and transmission tends to last utterly forever.

Time for a 65cc bore kit!

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