Voltage Regulator

I can not find a 6 volt voltage regulator and Honda no longer makes them. It is for a 1980-83 Honda PA50.

Any suggestions on how I can get around this, by law I have to have the lights on. Thanks for any help.

Re: Voltage Regulator

John Joedicke /

Try a Yamaha one

Re: Voltage Regulator

Jonas Quimby /

I'm not posative, but I THINK the honda Express uses the exact same regulator. There's a fair number of those floating around if you look.

Re: Voltage Regulator

Thanks for the fast reply. Now as for the Honda Express we already tried that and it does not work on my moped and the same for the yamaha, I had just high hopes. My moped does not operate with a battery just a magneto. There isn't any flasher or starter. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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