Cady help needed

I have a 72 Cady, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with routine maintenance (Changing the gear oil and checking electrical componants) If you have any tips or suggestions please help a hurtin' cady ridin brotha.....(ps I'm not looking for someone to do it for me, just for a gentle hand to guide me thru over the message boards) Also any leads to diagrams would really make my day!!!

Re: Cady help needed

Motobecanes do not use any oil, or transmision fluid. The electrics do not need any routine maintenance except perhaps cleaning the points.

Clean the carb

Check the compression

grease up the grease nipples

the owners manual has some routine maintenance stuff

Re: Cady help needed

may i ask where the grease nipples are on the moped?

Re: Cady help needed

inside the clutch nut, and in the middle of the belt pulley assembly.

they are very tiny, I made a tiny grease injector using the tip of a mechanical pencil that I pushed on to the tip of a normal grease gun. make sure to use high temp grease.

mechanical pencil eh?

hmmmmmmmm, what kind of mechanical pencil (metal, plastic?) and where inside the clutch nut?

Re: mechanical pencil eh?

In the middle of the clutch nut, it is probably covered with black grime.

I used a plastic pencil tip, but a metal one may work better.

look at this guide

Re: Cady help needed

what kind of spark plug should be used for a cady?

Re: Cady help needed

i have a Champion H10C and a BOSCH 436 plug which should i use?

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