Puch Magnum Air Filter question?

I have a puch Magnum MK II and the air cleaner that came with the bike is missing the filter element... I'm using a k&L type Hi-performance one in the meanwhile with a 15mm Bing and a Bitrurbo exhaust and I was wondering if it would be faster with the original Air filter... Does anyone know what I can use to make the element or if they sell them anywhere so I can experiment with the air/gas mixture??


Re: Puch Magnum Air Filter question?

How fast are you runnin? I am in the same boat

Re: Puch Magnum Air Filter question?

Daniel Van Donsel /

I just got the ped... and it runs smoooth as silk.. I'm guessing top end is around 32-35 but I expect to raise that number when I fine tune the setup with the jets I'm waiting on that go with the new Biturbo... The Hi Performance Air filter is probably fine.. and I read a post about a guy in my city who used duct tape to experiment with restricting the airflow through the cone so I'll try that too.. I'm just curious to see if the stock filter would make a difference... I'm waiting on an order of synthetic oil and I'm planning on changing the tranny fluid to synthetic today... so hopefully all this will make for an overall improvement in performance... I'll keep you posted.. how many miles are on your ped?? I have about 900..

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