Jawa 210 idles but doesn't run

I just got a jawa 210 from the '90's started up after a lot of work and it idles just fine. But when I give it any juice it bogs down and dies, even when it is on the center stand. I've tried adjusting the carburetor every which way. If I play around with the choke while its at full throttle I can get it to not die, but I have to constantly adjust the choke accordingly. Does anybody have any ideas of how to fix this?

Re: Jawa 210 idles but doesn't run

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Did you clean the carb well? That sounds like a fuel problem.


Re: Jawa 210 idles but doesn't run

Peter Chudzik /

the carb is spotless. A few things I forgot to add are that it doesn't have an air filter and a small amount of gas drips from the carb intake after running it for a little.

Re: Jawa 210 idles but doesn't run

I have found that my jawa will not run right at all whenever the air filter is not there.

kinda the same symptoms as you have been descibing.

Also, if that doesnt do it, try checking ignition timing.


Re: Jawa 210 idles but doesn't run

have you cleaned out the main jet and the passaGEWAY IT SITS INTO? Yes, too much air or a really bad spark plug or points slipped shut on you.. don-ohio

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