Checking oil on Tomos Sprint?

How do I check the oil level on a 2003 Tomos Sprint?

I laid the moped on the side and put oil in the "oil checking bore hole".

I rode for a few minutes and then checked the oil by removing the side casing screw (oil checking bore hole).

Oil (Dexron III) came pouring out of the hole.

I hurried up and put back in the screw.

Was this how I was suppose to check the oil?

Should I have let more Dexron III drain out?


Nero; doing spring mainenance.

Re: Checking oil on Tomos Sprint?

Stand your moped up straight, and let oil drain out of the check hole until it stops. That is the correct level, just at the check hole.

Re: Checking oil on Tomos Sprint?

there is a plug on the top that you can put it in so you dont have to lay the bike on the side. yeah you definitely want to let the oil come out of that side hole until it stops, if you dont you risk the chance of messing up the clutch.

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