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Hi, I have a Vespa Bravo moped that needs a new sparkplug and I do not have the original sparkplug so I do not know the sparkplug number. Does any one here know what the right sparkplug number and gap number should be. Also I am having problems geting it to run right it will only run for about 30-45 secs than it dies and will not start again but when the engine cools down it will start again could this be the sparkplug? And, I am also have problems geting it to idle and to rev up and it seems like it bogs down when it is reved up could this also be the sparkplug.? And does any one here know where I can buy parts from a Vespa Bravo moped?

Thanks, Michael.

Re: Vespa Bravo sparkplug

The Bravo uses an NGK B5HS or equivalent. It should be gapped at .020". THye usually come pregapped out tof the box, however you do have to remove the top screw tip to fit your spark plug cap.

Vespa moped Dell Orto carbs have a tiny idle jet in the throat of the carb that usually gets missed when cleaning the carb. It has to be cleaned out with a pin, needle or very thin wire and then cleaned with WD40 or Carb cleaner and then blown out with compressed air. Carb cleaner alone won't clean it out.

see this link for pics and another link on Dell Ortto carb cleaning

Does the carb have the plastic air box on the back of the carb and is it properly seated?

I have parts for all model Vespa mopeds including your Bravo.I have NGK spark plugs if you can't find one local in your area.

Email me at for parts

Re: Vespa Bravo sparkplug

Listen to 'zippy' - you will not find a better Vespa mechanic anywhere!

If your local auto parts store doesn't stock the NGK plug, the equivalent plug would be the Champion L86C.

Re: Vespa Bravo sparkplug

Michael Vogt /

Thanks a lot for the info it helped quite a bit.

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