Motobecane ignition coil meaurements

Hi, still no joy from the Motobecane ignition. Though I had it running, but I just installed a new plug - and it's clearly not. I was doing testing with an old fouled plug, and I could see the spark running down the side of the insulator. Bought a new Bosch W8AC and expected to see a bright blue spark, but now I have nothing at all.

If you have a Motobecane moped with a 6-volt ignition system (pre 78) that uses the white external Novi coil, I could use some info.

Take an ohmmeter and meaure the primary and secondary (without the wire & cap) resistance of the coil. I need the figures to compare to my system; I'm starting to suspect my coil, as everything else looks ship-shape.

A reading of the exciter coil (in the magneto) would also be useful. Why are these things not in the shop manual? They're basic service data, that any mechanic might need..

Then again, this info might be in a Novi manual, if one exists. This is how it is (was) with Lucas electrics - they publish their own manuals for their parts.

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