cleaning pa50 gastank--problems

i searched through all the methods listed on here, my problem is, the tank is so skinny in the middle (two parts ot it really, one chamber on each side of the tank and then a really skinny part connneccting them in the middle where it sits on the frame..

if i put nuts/bbs/etc in to shake it up im not sure that they will make it to the other side. even if they do make it over there, im not sure that the rust will make it back to the filler cap side so that i can get it out. i drained the tank and was shaking out rust chunks and some huge pieces came out...some too big to come from the tank even it seemed, one was about the size of 5 quarters stacked.

Re: cleaning pa50 gastank--problems

Sounds pretty unpleasant.. that large chunk that came out may well have been some internal structural element of the tank; a bulkhead, support etc. This tank might be a loss.. What are the possibilities of getting a replacement?

I've seen some pretty extreme measures taken on impossible-to-replace motorcycle tanks. Cutting out chunks (bottom mostly) with a fine saw, then manually cleaning/repairing, and re-welding the tank into one piece.

Kreem-Kote and similar products can work wonders, but I've also seen them make things even worse. The quality of this kind of treatment depends largely on how well the acid cleaning/etching process works. In the case of some badly rusted tanks, the acid etch results in seam leaks or other holes in the tank; the rust was literally the only thing holding it together.

I've got some rust going in my Motobecane tank as well.. which is integral to the frame. Not sure how bad it is yet; best of luck to both of us!

ghetto kamasura i saw got me thinking..

Andrew G /


i wonder if there is some kinda of cheap plastic tank that i can use as a not talking about a milkjug or anything. i mean something from a lawnmower, etc. something that i could get for $5-10 bucks and then strap onto the frame or even the rack, anyone have ideas?

i dont really wanna spend $30 trying to fix this tank if there is an easier/cheaper/more reliable fix.

Re: ghetto kamasura i saw got me thinking..

If you have a lawnmower/snowblower/snowmobile junkyard in the area, they will probably have something for you. I've got a little tank from a late 60's mower, it's orange in color and I don't recall the brand - but it's not a common name (at least not any more).

I use it for tuning motorcycles; you need to take off the tank to adjust most cycle carbs, and this little tank works perfectly as an aux. fuel supply. Even has a little needle-valve petcock on the bottom.

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