motobecane brakes

yesterday i let my friend ride my motobecane. when he came back, the front brake was not working. at first when i pulled the lever it would stick and the actual brake mechanism and lever wouldnt spring back. i bent the drum (i think it was the drum) and now the brake itself springs back but the lever doesnt. also, the brake isnt as effective as it was.

at this point, would the brake problem be cable tension related? or is the root of this evil in the drum?

also, my rear brake has never really worked well. the cable and lever are fine but the brake doesnt really bring me to a stop. is there any way to adjust this or is it time for a new brake?



Re: motobecane brakes

I'm not sure what you mean by bending the 'drum'. The drum is basically the wheel hub itself; the shoes and actuating lever, cam etc. are mounted to what is called the 'backplate'. The drum is very difficult to bend, and it would be a very bad idea to do so.

If a drum brake is not returning, the usual problem is in the lever pivot itself. You will need to remove the wheel, so that you can service the backplate.

Normally, you need to remove the brake lever from the backplate / camshaft (pay attention to this.. if there is no index mark on the brake cam shaft, you will need to add one with a punch, so that you can get the lever back on in the original position).

Remove the shoes & springs from the backplate, and remove the cam shaft. Thoroughly clean the cam shaft and the bore in the backplate, then reinsert to make sure it rotates freely. Finally, finsh up by putting a little non-melting brake grease on the camshaft, and in the bore where it runs. Also put a little lube on the cam lobes, and the portions of the brake shoe that it contacts. This should get things springing freely again.

Reassemble the wheel/backplate and reinstall. Should work fine, but you may still need to adjust the cable.

Hope that helps.

Re: motobecane brakes

The same thing happenned to me... the lever wasn't returning and I thought the springs were shot.. I hit it with some WD 40 and it works fine now.. dont get any on the inside of the brake though... just a little right on the hinge.. then shoot some up into the inside of the cable... and give the end of the cable up on the handlebar a shot too... it should free up..

Re: motobecane brakes

its just the cam arm cause that thing has all brand new cables on it

Re: motobecane brakes

thanks for the tips guys. hopefully tomorrow will be nice and i'll break it out and try some things out. and thank you jason; for selling me this awesome bike!

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