puch shifting probs

when im riding my 80 puch magnum mkii, sometimes it shakes violently when shifting from first to second. if i eas off the gas and let it shift, it stops shaking. anyone know whats up, clutch? thanks, gb

Re: puch shifting probs

ive owned that ped but have never had that problem

i would suggest that you stay off the ped untill you fix it

dont want anything to lock up while you are goin 30 and have you go flying

Re: puch shifting probs

I had this SAME EXACT PROBLEM with my 78 Kreidler Flory. Try changing the gear oil and allow it to warm up before hopping on it. Mine would do it when it was cold or if it was under a lot of strain. I changed the ATF and it calmed down. Just use type A, the lighter formula may do your tranny some good.

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