Requesting Pic

Norbert Gorgowicz /

I'm putting my moped back together; there are missing hardware (which I will get at a machine shop.)

But before I go I wish if someone took a couple of pictures of their working moped.

Close up on the kick stand with the moped up on the kick stand.

Sway arm

Front view look at the head light getting the fork,

and close side view of the moped with the kick start or where it would be if had a kick start.


Re: Requesting Pic

Norbert Gorgowicz /

Forgot to tell everyone it's a '96 TOMOS Targa.

If you have a moped close to that, then please take those pictures, i'm in a pickle. :(

Re: Requesting Pic

Michael Romano /

there.. i dont have ne better ones and i have no kickstand...


Re: Requesting Pic


What kind of clamps do you have holding your handlebars on??? Those dont look like the ones that came stock on my 04 Targa LX.



Re: Requesting Pic

pic 1


Re: Requesting Pic

pic 2 of kick stand


Re: Requesting Pic

i dont have a pic of the side where the kick start would be.. nor do i have a kick start moped. hope these help.

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