need rings

Hey everyone, I live on the east coast of Canada and bought one of the motor kits rom Birddogdistributing. It's a 48cc kit. Ran great, after the hassle of installation, for about four hours. Then it seized a little, cooled it off and contacted the dealer and he said well don't use the amount of oil in the instructions or on the site I redirect you to use 8 ounces instead and try again.Well I put in the extra oil and tried again, when the motor heated up it caught again and this time it snapped a piston ring. I took it to a repair shop in my town and the guy there says the thing has to be honed out because it's the unfinished ports catching and not catching because of overheat. My problem comes in that it'll cost me $75 to send the motor back to birddog and $75 to get it sent back to me, seems like an awefull cost unless I can find someone who can direct me somewhere closer to home and less shipping hastles. I need a set of rings for a 48cc motor kit as close as possible to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.Maybe someone could tell me a name or number of rings that will fit, it's one of the no name chinese motors. Thanks to anyone who is helpfull.

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