Express : WHAT IS THIS?

Hi all..

So Thanks to Jax184 and his handy guide I DID get my express running. I am however, missing an airfilter, so I was buzzing up and down the street with my hand covering the air intake. Hopefully when I pick the filter up tommorow, I'll be able to screw with the air mixtures, and idle speed to KEEP it running...

Anyways the real question is , what does this (see attached) hose connect to? I've it tied up to the frame just to get it out the way right now. As far as I can tell it was just hanging there when I got it!

Thanks again guys


Re: Express : WHAT IS THIS?

James Foster /

It might be a vent hose of some kind, like a breather for the carb. Or, since that's an auto-choke model, it might have something to do with keeping that working.

All in all, you're gonna need to find an air cleaner sooner than later...


Re: Express : WHAT IS THIS?

Don Pflueger /

thats either the vent for the fuel bowl, or the drain hose. there should be two hoses hanging down off the carb.

Re: Express : WHAT IS THIS?

It looks like the same thing that on my pa50 (honda)

it's a breather hose...

you dont have tu plug it anywhere...

i think that it's used to let the air escape from the bowl, when the fuel enters it...


Re: Express : WHAT IS THIS?

Thanks guys, I think you hit it on the head, There is a second hose, dead bottom center for the bowl. I tested and this is in fact the drain.

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