Fired up my puch today

i just fired up my puch maxi luxe 1980 one speed

it was runnin better than ever with half of the new gaskets in


an older problem came back

the ped runs great and all but if i twist the throttle any more than half way the engine wants to stall

i thought i fixed this before putting the ped away last year but it seems to have come back

any ideas?

i will have to clean the carb again this year and see if that helps and i will get a new plug too

Re: Fired up my puch today

sorry, i forget to put this in the repair form

Re: Fired up my puch today

well the throttle/stall problem went away

i just took a 5 min. drive around the block

i noticed that any speed above 20 the rear of the ped would start to wobble left and right

i think its because my rear wheel is not too good

its out of true

think thats how its spelt


can i take it to a bike shop to have it fixed up?

Re: Fired up my puch today


Check some of these thing for problems:

Unclean carburetor

Blockage in your fuel lines.

Bad points

Incorrect spark plug gap


Air leaking in through a gasket

Reed valve leaking or broken.


Re: Fired up my puch today

Also, make sure your exhaust is not clogged with carbon.

Re: Fired up my puch today

yea ill have to try to get the baffel out of the exhaust

the outer "shell" is bent towards the end of the pipe and the baffel gets stuck in there really easy

if worst comes to worst ill cut it open with the angel grinder then weld it closed

i plan on cleaning my points as that has never been done and i will clean the carb this year again

after that ill replace all of the gaskets with the new ones i have and hope this helps my ped

Re: Fired up my puch today

all the gaskets are on

i fired on the puch and thought i did somthing wrong cuz it would not fire

but after a min. or 2 it fired

after the first kick i noticed i had MUCH better compression but my ped still wants to stall if i throttle it more than 3/4 of full

the ped runs fine on full throttle if i put the choke down a bit

is it getting too much air?

i still have to clean the exhaust

and clean the carb

i tell ya

ill never install another base gasket again

the old one was stuck on there real good

inded up scraping it off with a screw driver and there still a bit left on there

Re: Fired up my puch today

Smitty Smith /

It's possible that if you left ANY old gasket material on the cylinder bottom, or the crankcase, that you may have an air leak in that area.

When I clean carbs, I use a bread-tie wire to poke through the jet and tiny passeges in the carb. It's the only wire I've found thin and strong enough to push through gum in the carb, and not enlarge the hole size.

Hope this helps.

Re: Fired up my puch today

Tyler Jacobson /

check to make sure the little black plug with the oval hole in it is on the end of your air filter breather hole.

Re: Fired up my puch today

the air plug in on there and i will use some rubbing alcohol to remove the rest of the gasket

i think rubbing alcohol will do the trick

Re: Fired up my puch today


the air plus IS on there...

Re: Fired up my puch today

we need an edit button


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