'80 Puch won't start

My 1980 puch maxi lux won't start. i just bought it and on my second ride it quit on me. i was able to get it started again but i had to have the throttle pegged to keep it running. after that trip it won't start at all. i disconnected the fuel line because i thought i might had been out of gas. but when i opened the line about a pint of brown gas came out. i replaced the gas and it still won't start. i have compression and spark. i opened up the fuel line again and now nothing will flow out. please help me.. it beautiful outside.



Re: '80 Puch won't start

clean the fuel line by clowing trough it...

also, the petcock (fuel valve, at the tank) may be clogged with small rust or dirt particiles comming from the tank.

If you ran the bike with this brown gaz, i would suggest you to clean the carburetor, which is most likely clogged or really dirty because of the gaz.

Simple remove it and un assemble it...

i would suggest you to work on a clean white rag.

BE CAREFULL, do not loose any part...

try to remember where each part goes.

clean is with compressed air, it can be usefull to have a compressor...

then reassemble everything, make sure that there is gaz flowing trought the fuel line, and plug the fuel line on the carb.

Pedal, and it should go VROUMMMM

good luck


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