fuel line loses vaccum i think

on my 2000 tomos i have a clear fuel line and it only fills half way up, now when i clean the carb it will fill all the way up and run perfect but after a day or two it does the same thing and kicks in and out meaning that sometimes it will run and sometimes it wont. any suggestions?

Re: fuel line loses vaccum i think

You sure you're talking about the fuel line and not the oil-injection line? A stock Tomos doesn't have a see-thru fuel line,does it? But it DOES have a clear oil line.

Make sure your gas cap is venting properly and your petcock isn't plugged up. don-ohio

Re: fuel line loses vaccum i think

Bobby Smith /

i dont have the oil injector anymore and i bought a clear fuel line from mopedwarehouse

Re: fuel line loses vaccum i think

Well..........it's normal for the fuel line to have airgaps if it runs uphill or level at any point. Gasoline has a low vapor pressure, unlike water, and so the bubbles from agitation can show gaps in the fuel line sometimes.

To see if you're getting flow,just loosen the float bowl while the engine's cool and see how much fuel runs thru the needle valve. Some peds have a float bowl drain screw so you don't have to remove the float bowl to check this.

Carbs generally have a float bowl vent that allows gas vapor to escape or overflowing gasoline to escape if the needle valve sticks open.

I'm still thinking you have a gas cap or petcock restriction. don-ohio

Re: fuel line loses vaccum i think

Is the gas cap vent clear?

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