Honda Express NC50 electrical

Joseph Koester /

I rebuilt from misc parts a perfectly running 1980 Honda Express NC50. I bought a new battery on e-bay, filled it with water and charged it overnight. The headlamp works fine, though its a bit too dim, the rear brake lamp only barely illuminates, and the horn does not work at all. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might fix this issue?


Re: Honda Express NC50 electrical

James Foster /

Did the battery have acid already in it? If not, then there's you're problem right there. If it did have acid in it, then you might've charged it at too high of rate, or the charging circuit is bad on the scooter itself. My advice would be to get a good multi-meter and test you're battery for proper voltage, that is if it has battery acid in it. Let me know what happened from when you got the battery, and we might be able to go from there.


Re: Honda Express NC50 electrical

Xyplestop Florbledo /

The battery fom Honda was less than 20 bucks acid included.

I don't know wheter or not your battery is shot, but it was supposed to be filled with Battery acid, not water.

If you have no battery or a shot battery your horn won't work, your lights will be dim, and I'm betting your turn signals won't flash either.

Re: Honda Express NC50 electrical

Joseph Koester /

Well, I filled it with water. Should I refill it with battery acid or scrap this one and purchase a new one. Thanks for all your help.

Re: Honda Express NC50 electrical

Don Pflueger /

actually, the best way to check a battery is with a load tester. it should say right on the front of the battery whether it is 6 or 12 volt. and it may be able to read 6 or 12 volt on the meter. but if it cannot handle an amp draw, that 6 or 12 volts can drop to zero.

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