Targa XL idles out

hey there. about half the time when i stop my targa for about 5 second the engine shuts off. if anyone has any help or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


Re: Targa XL idles out

Don Pflueger /

could be a number of things.

dirt in the carb

low compression

bad crank seal

plugged gas cap

low tranny fluid

weak clutch spring

Re: Targa XL idles out

hmm... i wish i knew more about bikes....i just got it a couple weeks ago.....when i took it to the shop the engine ran in idle fine (i needed to have the throttle relinked and a bunch of other stuff). when i visited the shop it ran in idle fine.......i wasnt able to pick the bike up until yesterday (a week after i visited the shop while the bike was there) and now it idles out.

just trying to give some more information, and hopefully get a more specific answer because im not a bike expert. thanks for any help

Re: Targa XL idles out

Don Pflueger /

try this.

start the bike up and warm it up. with it parked on the center stand, turn the screw on the side of the carn inwards until the back tire just starts to turn slowly, but you can grab it by hand and stop it. then go for a ride to see what happens. if it still does it then try turning it in another 1/8 of a turn. dont get it to idle so fast that it wants to drive away when the rear wheel hits the ground. just fast enought to prevent it from stalling.

there is a service manual at www.mopedriders.org in the moped repair section. it will explain to you how to do this as well.

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