Float needle replaced doesnt run right now

I recently purchased a 1978 garelli vip from my wife's grandfather. Ive been working out a few gremlins in it the last few weeks. One of the problems it had was it was leaking gas out of the carb as soon as you turned it off. As long as you shut the petcock off right away it was fine. I ordered a new float needle to fix it. When I put the new needle in it would start fine but when you would give it gas it would bog down and barely move, but if I were to put the choke on briefly and turn it off it would run fine for a few moments. So im assuming it wasnt getting enough gas somehow. Once I put the old needle valve back in it works fine again. Visually both needles are alike except for the old one had a black tip and the new one has an orange tip, and the old one has a little more point to the tip which im thinking is from being worn. Has anything like this happened to anyone else. I would appreciate any ideas anyone has. Ive been lurking here the last few weeks and its been very helpful. Thanks!

Re: Float needle replaced doesnt run right now

That's usually a dirty carb................try giving it a cleaning and install an inline paper filter(see-thru type). don-ohio

Re: Float needle replaced doesnt run right now

I will do that. Thanks!

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