QT50 pinion removal?

I'm trying to remove the gearing from a QT50 transmission and am having a no luck with the pinion. The pinion slides out the 'front' of the transmission by the removal of an inverted hex nut that sits around the rear of the pinion. See attached photo. Anyone have ideas on how to get that inverted hex nut removed? Thanks!


Re: QT50 pinion removal?

3 years old and noone knows where to get a inverted hex wrench??

Im having the exact same issue, excep with the Middle Drive Pinion. Its just the opposite of this pinion, on the other end of the drive shaft.

Did you ever find out either where to get the special wrench, or a workaround??

Re: QT50 pinion removal?

Okay so I found this tool. The Motrax Axle Wrench, also called a Spindle tool.

It looks like maybe this is what we need??? Can anyone confirm? And other than purchasing it onilne, can you get this anywhere else? or barrow it at places like AutoZone?

Re: QT50 pinion removal?

Heres a pic of that Motrax tool.


Re: QT50 pinion removal?

Someone has to have removed this screw before. Any help?

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