Aerox Performance Air Filter Problem

hey people, i bought an aif filter for my Yamaha Aerox 04, but when i fired it up it choked and died. I am guessing that there is too much air going in there, and not enough fuel. Do i need to change the carb jet to a bigger size?

Yamaha Aerox 04: Virgin Race Rep Specs

Exhaust: Standard Deristricted

Air Filter: Standard (Awaiting to install performance air filter)

Variator: Deristricted

Re: Aerox Performance Air Filter Problem

i got a performance air filter for my aerox and i need to find some bigger jets i think you will need to the same. dont go to your yamaha dealer to buy the jets, i did and they told me they didnt make any.

Re: Aerox Performance Air Filter Problem

Main jet size determines maximum fuel flow at wide open throttle. At smaller throttle openings the size doesnt matter much.. many bikes will run well at part throttle even if the main jet is completely removed.

If that bike won't run at all just because a low restriction filter was installed, something else is up..

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