you read the story - i fix the bike

Shortly after I bought my 79 Orange Tomo Spirit. I went away for a weekend, leaving my beauty in the trusted hands of a friend. he borrowed the bike and went on a traveling adventure through town, picked up his girlfriend, went by teh waterfront. When the moped ran out of gas he did the friend thing to do and filled up the tank, but he also did the a**hole thing to do and failed to mix oil in. Furthermore I heard stories of whiskey and revving up the bike in the driveway. The bike still runs, but leaks gas even when in storage, and as you can assume is no longer the buck she used to be. Here's my checklist

kill friend

replace carburator

should I modify it to

kill friend

check seals ??

plus is anyone interested in fixing up this bike for $$$

I live in Jersey City, NJ

Re: you read the story - i fix the bike

Andy Kochvar /

I say

Make friend give you 20$

Kill Friend

Check seal, clean out whole carb + fuel lines, check seals, compression check, then put in correctly mixed gas. and go.


Re: you read the story - i fix the bike

yah, you'll be proud to be able to fix it yourself, and all the wiser

Re: you read the story - i fix the bike

Michael Colin /

I felt the same way about fixiing my tomos bullet. With 3 different manuals and extra sims from my engine, I think it would of been wiser to pay someone to have fixed mine and maybe I could of watched and learned. Now I have a non running engine that I need to take apart again...MIKE

Re: you read the story - i fix the bike

since he drove it with gas without oil I would pull the cylinder and check it for wear. Clean the piston and if it has any signs of rubbing I would sand them with a fine sand paper like 500 or 600 grit. Oil the cylinder and the piston good and reassemble. You would hate to have it runing and guall the cylinder walls.

Re: you read the story - i fix the bike

hey your friend may be an idiot but, did you tell him to pre-mix? and you may wanna be happy that the bike didnt soft cease.

Re: you read the story - i fix the bike

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Sounds like "Grand Theft Moped" to me. Jim.

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