compression,spark,fuel flow y doesnt my moped work

I have a 1980 puch maxi sport and I was riding it and it just shut off. I havent been able to get it started since. It shas compression spark and fuel flow can anyone help me I need to fix this moped. PLease I need help.

Re: compression,spark,fuel flow y doesnt my moped

Andy Kochvar /

Not good enough spark, I say. Check your terminal make sure it's not all silvery and binded together. Cut out fresh wires at the terminal if so.


Re: compression,spark,fuel flow y doesnt my moped

Zachary Dudar /

also check the key in your flywheel, it might have sheered.

Re: compression,spark,fuel flow y doesnt my moped

You were riding and it just shut off.... Check the tail light bulb, headlight, or the horn connection, if one or the other is not working then it will not start. I believe it is the horn on the Puch, if it is not connected it will not fire. It could also be the speedometer light. You can disconnect the horn and connect the two wires together to bypass it. Replace the spark plug it could have fouled. When you removed the plug, was it wet from cranking? If not, it may be flowing fuel but not going through the carb to the engine. Spray some starting fluid or pour some gas mixture in the spark plug hole, reinstall the plug and see what happens. If it fires, not getting gas. If you put the kill switch in the off position do you still get the same spark? The wiring to the switch or the switch could have malfunctioned. Bypass it and see what happens. Take the flywheel cover off and see what the point gap is and when it opens in relation to the piston position. Make sure the point contacts are clean of oil. You say it has compression, does it have at least 90 Lbs? If you check with your finger it may have compression but it may not have enough to heat the mixture enough to burn. Just some thoughts, good luck.

Re: compression,spark,fuel flow y doesnt my moped

That happened to me and it was a blown flywheel side crankseal. don-ohio (:^)

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