HELP ME!!!!!

Clayton Violand /

What is GOING ON with my Peugeot 103sp??????

Heres the rundown:

it used to be running fine. Now it does weird weird stuff.

When it's first fired up, it runs really great (for about a minute). Then, it just slowly and gradually starts to deteriorate in speed until it just stops and kinda seizes up (after its been worked). Also, when going really fast, like downhill, the engine or transmission or something in that area is making a really kinda light "swooshing" noise. its kinda like a really light grinding or something- but I'm not sure if its grinding. ALSO- my moped doesn't idle anymore. It idled perfectly. But now . . .when you let it idle- it just randomly starts going faster then slower then harder then softer until it eventually just turns off. LASTLY- everything, like the spark plug, I'm pretty sure is getting abnormally hot. I don't know that for sure though.



Re: HELP ME!!!!!

Hami Onder /

i would say clean the carb by blowing out every single hole, and stop touching your engine after its been running to see how hot it is haha.

Re: HELP ME!!!!!

it could be your exhaust. if it is clogged it would make your moped slow down and run like crap. also it would probably make everything heat up quick and then overheat.

Re: HELP ME!!!!!

Clayton Violand /

whats puzzling to me is this though:

it runs GREAT initially. Really zippy, great acceleration. Then as it heats up, it just starts goin bad. If its a muffler or carb clogg, why would it do this?

Re: HELP ME!!!!!

It could also be an air leak around the carb. Probably when you first start you have the choke on. It cuts down on the air coming in from the intake. As it warms up and the choke is opened it gets more air and the leak is leaning the mixture, makes it run erratic and then it is lean so it runs hotter.

Check you air filter too, clean the screen. Take a compression check. It could be the rings are worn. As it heats up and the cylinder expands the rings may start to lose there seal and let the gases escape from the squish band.

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