Jawa Ignition timing

I have been lurking here for over a year.

This is my third thread.

I recently completly rebuilt my engine in my Jawa 210 sport. Basically all I did was tear the whole thing down and cleaned everything and put it all back together. Stupid me had to go and mess with the ignition timing (cdi- no points) there was not a good reason of doing it. Anyway, I had the stator off, and now when I put it back on about where I had it before (the closest I could get it) It has nearly no acceleration. It will run fine, and sound great on the stand, but when you take it off the stand before it warms up it bogs and dies. Then after you get her warmed up you can take it off of the stand and start going but it bogs and almost dies again. Then it will accelerate all the way up to 25ish but it takes a long strech to do so. Also, I can not get up my driveway without pedalling. Before, it would clinb it at 10 mph. This was acceptable, I should have just left it how it was. Is there a possible way of finding the best way of re-timing it? I looked at the online manual at www.jawamoped.com and found how to do it, so I did as described with the same above results. Is there anything that I can do?

I may just end up trying to sell it.. :(



Re: Jawa Ignition timing

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