1980 batavus starflite no spark


i have several new spark pluks,ngk,champion i had spark with these new plugs for 2 weeks. ichanged the ngk to a champion because i notice the gap closing after operating.

as of this past weekend i have no spark. the points are opening and closing,i reached in and lightly sanded them on monday morning, i then got spark to the plug. after a few attempts to start it almost started. 10 minutes after almost starting i have no spark again.

any suggestions, to trouble shooting for spark,how long do ignition coils last, and how long do points and condencers last.what are some of the ways to know if everything is working properly. i have had this very nice condition moped for 2 weeks now does anyone suggest starting w/ complete new set of points, is it possible to remove the nut, on the round magneto cover to change the points thanks to all! -tim

Re: 1980 batavus starflite no spark

Don Pflueger /

go to www.mopedriders.org and look in the moped repair section. there is a batavus manual there. its for an older (78 i think) model, but the info should be the same. sounds to me like you have a weak condensor.

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