which oil to use on 78 Express

Robert Gosnell /

hi,what type"best brand" of injector oil do i need to use with my 78 honda express??and can the oil pump put out to much oil?and could you run a 50 to 1 ratio without the oil pump?



Re: which oil to use on 78 Express

Jonas Quimby /

I use the Honda brand injector oil. The manual suggests it, and everything else I have tried has quickly clogged up the engine and muffler.

There are some performance oils out there that might work better, but I havent tried them.

Just be sure not to use cheap stuff from a gas station!

The oil injector produces the proper ratio at all speeds, but it tends to slowly leak when the bike isnt running. So if the bike sits for a few days, it will have a bit too much oil in the engine at first, making it smoke alot.

No big deal, but incentive to ride more!

If you would like to bypass the injector, seal off the oil line nipple on the engine intake and connect the output line from the injector to it's input. Then you can premix the oil.

I'll need to check this, but I seem to recall the injector tries to mix at a ratio of 30:1

Re: which oil to use on 78 Express

Xyplestop Florbledo /

Hmm, good to know, I'm running penzoil 2 stroke, but it seems to be burning ok, after a hard days ride the plug is clean.

Re: which oil to use on 78 Express

James Foster /

I personally would suggest Royal Purple two-cycle TCW 3 oil. I use it in all of my peds, and it's the best oil I've ever tried. If you're willing to spend around 7-9 bucks per quart, then I would highly recommend it.

My two cents,


Re: which oil to use on 78 Express

the honda oil is no different than any other oil of course honda will recommend it cause its their brand

i use walmart supertech tcw3 oil in all my peds and yard equipment and i have never had a problem with it

Re: which oil to use on 78 Express

Jonas Quimby /

There are differant kinds of two stroke oils, for water cooled engines and air cooled engines and such. The stuff from gas stations and other cheap, generic types are often not suited for moped use. The Honda Injector oil was made to work with their own bikes, and so it does.

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