Puch Throttle

On my Maxi II

i just replaced the throttle cable

Now the throttle doest return to normal position (closed) on its own, it's really not a big deal, but it can't be safe!

is there any way to fix this? i think the throttle cable might be frayed at the top or somthing, causing too much friction. I just bought that though :(

Re: Puch Throttle

Smitty Smith /

do you have it adjusted so that as soon as you start to twist it, it speeds the engine, or does it have a "dead-spot" at the beginning of the twist?

Also, are there any strands of cbale catching anywhere. What type of throttle do you have, the cable with a barrel end that goes into a slot, and wraps around the inside part of the throttle, or plain end cable that is secured by a setscrew in a slide under the throttle control?

Re: Puch Throttle

yes, yes and setscrew


Re: Puch Throttle

well the carb has a cylinder deal in it dosent it??? and the cable goes through the elbow piece on top of the carb and through the spring then into the cylinder then u move the ball to the side where theres a smaller whole so the cable wont slide through.well if its like this u could have gotten some sort of dirt or something that is stoping the cyclinder from going all the way down....also u may have "weakened" the spring so its not stronge enough to close the throttle alll the way......thats wat i think could be wronge with it


Re: Puch Throttle

oh, this is very possible!

especially because my carb doesnt have a gasket at the top that it is supposed to!

but it runs well enough...


Re: Puch Throttle

Matthew Libhart /

No one's has that paper gasket, it rips the first time you take the carb apart :)

The spring in the carb should pull it back the whole way. Can you manually spin the handle back and have the carb close?

Re: Puch Throttle

yah i can

Re: Puch Throttle

Matthew Libhart /

I know, sounds like a stupid question.

Is all the slack out of the cable? If you're not sure, loosen the set screw, and pull on the cable with a needle nose. Actually pull the throttle up, and then let it go back just to where it's closed, and tighten the set screw.

If this isn't the problem, you probably had it right the first time. The problem is most likely in the twist grip itself.

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