Which Carb is Best?

Nathan Edwards /

First off, I would like to say that I finally got my Grande running! Thanks to all those who helped.

I have a 79 Vespa Grande and am looking on 50cc.nl for a new carb. Which is better.

13mm dellorto sha import (spaco)


13mm dellorto

What is sha import spaco??? What does this mean?

Also, what is the best type of oil for me to mix with gas?

I am planning on buying a new exhaust and carb this summer. What other parts will I need. Will I have to get new jets and if so, what size?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Which Carb is Best?

Sean Taylor 9/18/1971 - 1/14/2007 /

No idea what the Spaco means.

Oil, I dont think it really matters.

Are you going to be getting a performance exhaust?

That will vary your jet size then.

I have a Bravo with a 13mm carb. I belive it is taking a 62. Runs great with a Malossi kit and Malossi Variator.

Gets great speed.

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