1980 Peugeot 102SP help

OK, thanks for reading

I have a 1980 Peugeot 102SP. I got it over the summer for fun. It was running decent at the time, but every now and then it would start to cut out when I was riding it, and it would lose power. Most of the time the engine would catch again though and it was fine. I stopped riding it as it got colder, and when I tried again, I couldnt get it started. I replaced the spark plug, and now I can start it, but after about 10 seconds of riding the engine again dies and loses all power.

I know almost nothing about mopeds, but I am willing to learn. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong? I love riding it, and want it fixed. Are they service manuals or anything for this moped I could buy, or should I just go throw some money away at a repair shop? Thanks for your help

Oh yeah. Also, I managed to mess up the handle when I was transporting it. I broke the throttle handle (accelerator?) and now it is attached to the bike by rubbler bands. As long as its held in place, it works, but I would love to replace it. Any idea where I could? again, thanks

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ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Sound like a fuel problem. I would clean your carb.

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Richard Wisniewski /


go to the manual section

good luck i have a 71 peugot 103


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Yeah I had the same problem....I tried cleaning the carb over and over and it didnt help.

Someone told me it might be the condensor....I dont really know.....but it never compleatly stopped running like yours....it just studders after 20min of hard riding....kinda like 4-stroking

When you fix yours tell me what you did

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there is something seriously wrong with peugeots design..the creatures have four peugeots that have this same problem. We have cleaned all their tanks, cleaned the carbs numerous times, replaced the cocks, replaced the air boxes, and still no luck. Just when we thought we had one fixed it died. Has anyone figured this out? We're thinking it is something seal/gasket related, but as of yet no luck. anyone know what is going on?

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I have had a similar problem with my '67 102. It ran for 2 summers no problem then....After about 20-30 minutes of riding it will cut out when I reduce speed (ie stop at a light). It will start back up but will keep cutting out for a while. If you let it sit for a good amount of time it will run again for about the same amount then start cutting out.

At first I thought it was a fuel problem (specifically that I had replaced the gas cap with one that did not have an air hole). Tried a substitute- nope, not that.

I cleaned out the carb and air filter, checked the line...nothing.

What I and anyone mechanically inclined that I know have started to believe is it's an electrical problem. I'm going to try replacing the plug, and/or put in a cooler running spark plug to see if that will help. If anyone else has any ideas, let me know.

Hopefully it's not the coils because I have no idea where I would find new ones.

Good luck all!


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